5 Deadly Mistakes in Physician Employment Agreements – Part 2

By Dennis Hursh | Physician Contracts

Nov 15

I am excited to share my next piece of advice for physician contracts, courtesy of Falcon Healthcare Agency. In this particular Deadly Mistake for Physician Contracts, I share a personal story about dealing with the negotiations of on-call hours. This is one of the most important factors for physicians to consider, since it will directly affect their working hours and consequentially their off-work hours as well. I invite you to read the entire story on Falcon Healthcare Agency’s blog: http://bit.ly/1e1h673

Dennis Hursh focuses on Physician Employment Contract Review and Negotiation


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I am a healthcare attorney with over 40 years of experience, focusing on physician employment contracts. My book, The Final Hurdle, a Physician's Guide to Negotiating a Fair Employment Agreement, is available on Amazon.

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