5 Deadly Mistakes in Physician Employment Agreements – Part 5

In the 5th and final part of my series of guest blogs for Falcon Healthcare Agency, I share the importance of choosing an experienced physician’s attorney to negotiate your physician employment agreement. How you negotiate the contract you ultimately sign impacts everything about your professional career. Learn about why an experienced physician employment contract lawyer should be part of your team that decides how your career proceeds. Read part 5 here.

Dennis Hursh focuses on Physician Employment Contract Review and Negotiation.

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Dennis Hursh

Dennis Hursh

Dennis Hursh has been providing healthcare legal services in Pennsylvania since 1982. Since 1992, he has been a physician's lawyer serving as Managing Partner of Physician Agreements Health Law. Dennis has devoted his life to serving physicians and physician organizations, such as POs, IPAs, CINs and medical practices. He is the author of the definitive book on physician contracts "The Final Hurdle - a Physician's Guide to Negotiating a Fair Employment Agreement, and a frequent lecturer on physician employment agreements.

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