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Frequently asked questions when investing in a physician contract lawyer

No, there are no hidden fees in the Physician Prosperity Program® when you hire your personal physician contract lawyer. Each package describes exactly what you get. You always have unlimited consultations with your personal physician contract lawyer until the original physician contract review letter is ready to be submitted to your employer. If you choose the negotiation package, you receive unlimited consultations, and your personal physician contract lawyer will take whatever time is necessary to achieve the best contract obtainable, no matter how many iterations it takes with the employer’s counsel.

If you invest in one of the Physician Prosperity Program® physician contract review packages, you will have an experienced physician contract lawyer who will be your exclusive contact. Our attorneys have over 30 years of experience in physician contract review.

Yes, you can upgrade at any time, at the same incremental cost as if you had originally invested in the upgraded physician contract review package.

We recommend that you choose the offer that your “gut” tells the is the one you want, and only invest in the physician contract review package for that offer. Physicians frequently are reluctant to pursue the offer that is most attractive to them, especially if another offer has higher compensation. In fact, there is no such thing as a “free lunch.” A position that offers higher compensation will likely require more patient contact hours, call coverage, etc. We recommend focusing on only one offer. You can usually delay responding to the other offers, informing them that you have retained a physician contract lawyer and the lawyer cannot respond for two or three weeks. This should give you time to evaluate the response from your chosen employer to our physician contract review letter.

Your personal physician contract lawyer will deliver the initial contract review letter 3 business days after you have invested in one of the Physician Prosperity Program® physician contract review packages. 

Your physician contract lawyer can deliver the contract review letter in 3 business days. However, we have found that if you tell the employer that your physician contract lawyer can’t review the letter for two weeks, most employers will give you an extension. Two weeks allows time for you and your personal physician contract lawyer to massage the contract review letter to your liking, and still deliver it to the employer before you promised it.

Almost all health systems and private practices will make changes to your agreement, no matter what the recruiter tells you. In the 30 years that we have served as physician contract lawyers, we have only had one employer consistently refuse to make changes and one other employer who refused to make changes for one physician. In the rare instances where the employer refuses to make contractual changes, you can often increase the salary or benefits by pointing out discrepancies between the offer and MGMA benchmarks.

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