Physician Employment Contract Review and Negotiation

Physician Employment Contract Review and Negotiation

We review physician employment agreements to let you know if they are fair and equitable. We have been doing this since 1992, and Dennis Hursh literally wrote the book on this complex topic. We can also negotiate the agreement on your behalf, to assure that your personal relationships with your future colleagues don’t get strained – even as we are getting you the best deal possible. Our review examines all of the following:

Physician Compensation and Benefits

We carefully analyze the compensation formulas, to make sure that they work for you and won’t lead to conflicts with your new employer. We also point out any perks that aren’t contained in the first offer, to make sure you get the best deal possible. We perform a compensation analysis to benchmark the salary and benefits against other physicians in the same specialty in the same geographical area, to inform you of the level of productivity the employer is likely expecting – so you can be confident that the employer’s work expectations are compatible with your lifestyle goals.

Restrictive Covenants in Physician Employment Agreements

We review the restrictive covenant, so you know if you will still be able to work in this location if you leave this employer.

Call Coverage

We let you know if it isn't clear that you get only your fair share of call.

Malpractice Insurance

The wrong language can cost you as much as four month’s pay if you leave. We let you know where you stand.

Private Practice Ownership

If you are joining a private practice, the time you have to wait until you become an owner is crucial. We analyze the provisions regarding the time to ownership, the buy-in calculation, and assurances about your rights as a new owner.

Other Issues

We make sure you understand the patient contact requirements, so you know what is expected of you. We alert you if it's possible you could be prevented from beginning work because of unexpected credentialing issues, and point out if you could be unfairly terminated because of loose language in the contract.

Negotiation on Your Behalf

If desired, we can handle all negotiations for you, so you can be assured of getting the best deal possible without alienating your future colleagues.

The Physician Prosperity Program®

Our unique and proprietary program does it all for you – We review your contract language to assure it is fair and equitable, perform a compensation analysis to assure your pay and benefits are appropriate, and negotiate on your behalf until we are sure you have the best deal possible.

“I have pride in my areas of expertise in medicine, but I am certainly happy that I didn’t ‘treat myself’ when it came to reviewing my contract. I was fortunate to have found Mr. Hursh , he provided me a comprehensive analysis of the contract, with attention to the smallest of details as well as the larger, standard-of-practice issues and pitfalls specific to physician contracts, and at a fair cost. And most importantly to me, he expressed kindness and compassion throughout the process, the sort of bedside manner we expect from healers. I highly recommend his assistance in review of any healthcare contract, however straightforward it may appear to be.”

–Sarah Noorbaksh, M.D.

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