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What should you do when you are given a new physician employment agreement? You could “play lawyer” and hope that you can protect yourself, or you could hire an experienced physicians’ contract lawyer who has been helping physicians with their employment agreements since 1992.
Whether you have your first employment agreement or you are changing positions, Dennis Hursh will ensure you are protected and have peace of mind.

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Dennis Hursh is dedicated to helping physicians get the best possible contract even if they are not working with him. After seeing physicians repeatedly stuck in contracts preventing them from leading their life the way they wanted, he wrote a book, The Final Hurdle, on this very complex topic.

Physician Employment Agreements

Why get a physician employment agreement reviewed by Dennis Hursh?

Your employment contract will be reviewed line by line to ensure that you understand what you are signing, you are aware of financial benchmarks for your specialty, you are protected, and that you are getting the best possible deal.

Keep Yourself Protected

Call Coverage

We determine if you will get only your fair share of call or if you are likely to have a worse schedule than other physicians.

Restrictive Covenants ​

We review the restrictive covenant, to determine if you will still be able to work in this location if you leave this employer.

Malpractice Insurance

The wrong language can cost you as much as four month's pay if you leave. We let you know where you stand with the insurance offered.

Private Practice Ownership

If you are joining a private practice, the time you have to wait until you become an owner is crucial. We analyze the provisions regarding the time to ownership, the buy-in calculation, and assurances about your rights as a new owner.

Other Issues

We make sure the patient contact hour requirements are clearly set forth, so you understand what is expected of you. This prevents you from spending additional unpaid time charting and doing other paperwork. We also protect you from delays in beginning work because of unexpected credentialing issues, and from being unfairly terminated because of loose language in the contract.

What’s Included In Your Contract Review?

Physician Employment Contract Review

Before we start, you will have a chance to speak directly with Dennis to discuss any concerns you may have with your contract. Next, you will receive a detailed letter outlining all of the recommended changes for your contract, on a line by line basis. Then, once you have had a chance to review the letter, you and Dennis can discuss questions and make sure that you are comfortable with the letter. Once you are satisfied with the letter, you will then take it to your potential employer and continue discussions with them.

Physician Compensation & Benefits

We carefully compare the compensation offered with MGMA benchmarks to make sure that it is comparable to what other physicians in your speciality in the region are being paid. We point out any perks that aren’t contained in the first offer that are typically seen with other physicians. Your compensation analysis will benchmark the salary offered against other physicians in the same specialty in the same geographical area, and to inform you of the level of productivity the employer is likely expecting – so you can be confident that the employer’s work expectations are compatible with your lifestyle goals.

How Does It Work?

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Want Us To Negotiate On Your Behalf?

The Physician Prosperity Program®

Our unique proprietary program does it all for you. We review your contract language to assure it is fair and equitable, provide the compensation analysis, and negotiate on your behalf. We will go back and forth with your potential employer's attorney so you can get the best possible deal without alienating your future colleagues.


"Mr. Hursh did a great job in representing us. He took us through the whole contract process (which was our first one) and was very supportive the entire time. We would highly recommend him."

Sudeshna Chatterjee-Paer, M.D.

"The Final Hurdle: A Physician’s Guide to Negotiating a Fair Employment Agreement is an instructional guide, in which author Dennis Hursh draws upon his more than twenty-three years of experience and expertise as a physician’s attorney, to help doctors protect their best interests in the hiring process for employment; whether it be a clinic, a hospital or a private practice, The Final Hurdle covers all aspects of the negotiating process."


Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

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