physician contracts during COVID

Physician Contracts During COVID

I have received too many calls concerning physician contracts during COVID. The calls generally have the same underlying issue: “My employer cut my pay by X%, and I do not see anything in my contract that allows them to do that.” Generally the physician is correct. Although new contracts I am reviewing now often do

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MGMA compensation analysis

MGMA Compensation Analysis

Most physicians are familiar with the Medical Group Management Association (“MGMA”), but many physicians are not fully aware of what a MGMA compensation analysis reveals. Virtually every physician knows that a MGMA compensation analysis reveals salary data, but many are unaware of what else a MGMA compensation analysis reveals about physician compensation. First and foremost,

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physician employment contract attorney near me

Should I Use a Physician Employment Contract Lawyer Near Me?

Physicians often ask me if they should use a “physician employment contract lawyer near me.” (Sometimes the word “me” is substituted with “my potential new employer.”) I think that’s a fair question, but I also think physicians should consider if a local attorney has the experience of someone who dedicates his or her career to

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hospitalist contracts

Hospitalist Contracts

I recently did a guest blog on Hospitalist X  concerning some of the special considerations in hospitalist contracts: working hours, compensation, and a rant about the craziness of a physician covenant not to compete for a hospitalist. You can see my post here.     

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physician benefits

Physician Benefits

Physician benefits are a vital part of any physician employment agreement. They should be carefully reviewed and compared to national benchmarks.

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