Special Contractual Issues for Female Physicians

As a physicians’ attorney focusing on physician contract review, I spend all of my professional life reviewing and negotiating physician employment agreements. In my experience, women physicians have several issues that need special attention when negotiating their physician employment agreements.

"I should tell you right up front that this should not be an issue in most cases. Discrimination based on your gender violates existing law. We are not talking about “just because you’re a woman things are different." You are actually being illegally discriminated against in many instances.”

Listen to the podcast by Dennis Hursh, Esq., a veteran attorney with 40 years of experience and author of The Final Hurdle – a Physician’s Guide to Negotiating a Fair Employment Agreement.

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I wrote a book on physician employment agreements (The Final Hurdle – A Physicians’ Guide to Negotiating a Fair Employment Agreement) because I have reviewed so many physician employment agreements with the same traps that keep ensnaring young physicians over and over again. These three traps that residents and fellows healthcare professionals need to avoid in physician employment contract agreements.

To learn more about the critical issues to be aware of when negotiating a physician employment agreement, you can check our physician employment agreement checklist or, for the most extensive discussion of the topic, my book on physician employment agreements. For specific information on topics you might be interested in, see our posts about physician productivity compensationMGMA compensation analysismedical record provisions in physician employment agreementsletters of intent in physician contractsphysician covenants not to compete, and call coverage requirements.

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