physician recruitment during COVID

Physician Recruitment During COVID

Physician recruitment during COVID came up at a recent presentation I gave on negotiating your first physician contract. I have previously written about physician contracts during COVID, but physician recruitment during COVID seems like an entirely different animal. I was shocked when the Residency Director told me that several of her residents had been told something …

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supervising physician agreement in Pennsylvania

Supervising Physician Agreements in Pennsylvania

Supervising physician agreements in Pennsylvania do not need to be complicated, but there are specific provisions that are required to obtain Board of Medicine/ Board of Osteopathic Medicine approval. I usually recommend a separate employment agreement and supervisory agreement, since the supervising physician agreement must be provided to the State Board of Medicine or State …

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physician employment contract attorney near me

Should I Use a Physician Employment Contract Lawyer Near Me?

Physicians often ask me if they should use a “physician employment contract lawyer near me.” (Sometimes the word “me” is substituted with “my potential new employer.”) I think that’s a fair question, but I also think physicians should consider if a local attorney has the experience of someone who dedicates his or her career to …

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hospitalist contracts

Hospitalist Contracts

I recently did a guest blog on Hospitalist X  concerning some of the special considerations in hospitalist contracts: working hours, compensation, and a rant about the craziness of a physician covenant not to compete for a hospitalist. You can see my post here.