Medical Practice Buy-Ins

Being offered a medical practice buy-in to become an owner in your medical practice is an amazing accomplishment! Obviously, at this point the owners of the practice are satisfied not only with your clinical abilities, but with your people skills. Being offered the opportunity for a medical practice buy-in is one of the highest compliments that can be bestowed upon a physician. Although this opportunity is unquestionably exciting, having an experienced physicians’ attorney review the documents can ensure that you are being treated fairly, and can confirm if you are going to have the same decision-making authority as the other owners. Our experience in reviewing physician employment agreements will let you know if there are any pitfalls in your new employment agreement. We will also review the buy-in documents, and the corporate governance documents to assure that there are no surprises. If desired, we can also look at the financial and tax documents to determine if there are issues you should be concerned about (e.g., large lines of credit or other debt).