physician contract negotiation

Physician contract horror stories

Physician Contract Horror Stories

As a physicians’ attorney who focuses his practice on physician contract review, I have been involved in some truly horrendous physician contract horror stories after physicians have signed agreements they did not understand. Here are just a few of the “war stories” I have experienced. Physician Contract Horror Stories Chapter  One: 24/7 Call “For a …

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the Great Resignation in healthcare

The Great Resignation in Healthcare – A Great Opportunity to Renegotiate

The Great Resignation in healthcare is producing tremendous challenges for physicians. In particular, many “senior” physicians (some as young as 50 years old) are simply throwing in the towel and resigning rather than continue with the brutal schedules imposed by many employers. As physicians leave, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit new talent, so …

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Physician Prosperity Program

How It Works

After purchasing the physician contract review, you will receive an email asking you to transmit the agreement and any concerns you have to me. Many physicians do this by email, but I will be available by phone, too. In three business days from the time you purchase the Physician Prosperity Program® and transmit the draft physician employment agreement along with any concerns you have about the agreement and the information I will need to perform the MGMA analysis, you will receive a detailed physician contract review letter from me.

After you receive my physician contract review letter, you will have the opportunity to discuss it with me, to make sure all of your concerns were met, and to correct any factual inaccuracies, or to point out things that were verbally promised but didn’t make it into the physician employment agreement. These discussions, and revisions of the letter following these discussions, are included in the initial fixed fee.

Once you are completely comfortable with the physician contract review letter, you transmit the letter to your potential employer.